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Map of Science Hill Water Shed

Storm Water Infrastructure on Science Hill

Many developed areas use a large centralized piping system to remove storm water from the built environment and discharge it to a nearby water body. In contrast, UCSC generally employs small scale discrete storm water collection systems. These small scale systems collect storm water from impervious surfaces, transport it a safe distance from the built environment, and then disperse it back into the environment where it provides water for native and planted vegetation, ephemeral streams, and groundwater recharge.

Use the map above to learn more about the storm drain systems serving the impervious surfaces on Science Hill. The blue lines represent the general layout of the storm water piping systems. To see photos and learn about the individual collection, transport and dispersion systems click on the raindrops. Follow the infrastructure links for more information on storm drain inlets and outfalls.

This interactive map and related pages created by Sharyl Yamamoto, Storm Water Management Program Intern and Melissa Chow, Environmental Programs Student Assistant.